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The Family Genealogy of Pio Pico
Last Governor of Mexican California

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The History of Pio Pico's "El Ranchito" The Family Genealogy of Pio Pico, the last Mexican Governor of Califirnia Historical timeline of the Pio Pico State Historic Park, Whittier, CA

A Searchable Genealogical Database
of the Pico Family

Pio Pico, His Wife and His Nieces - c.1850s
Before his wife's death (she died in 1854)

The Friends of Pio Pico, Inc. is proud to present the Pio Pico Genealogy Database. Data for this project have been compiled from a variety of sources by several researchers. The database includes hundreds of names and is a work in progress; updates will be posted periodically that contain new or updated information.

Pio Pico’s family tree reads like a “Who’s Who” of prominent families of California’s Spanish and Mexican eras (Pico, Carrillo, Verdugo, Cota, Alvarado, Ortega, etc.). Many of these families, which originally traveled to California as part of Missionary expeditions from Nueva Espana (New Spain), settled together in California and married within other families from the same social circles. This often resulted in numerous and complex relationships between the families. In Pio Pico’s genealogy, we have included not only Pio Pico’s direct lines of ancestry and descendancy, but lateral lines of relations at each generational level. Information on very early generations is often sparse and therefore limited, and information on current generations of living relatives has been omitted for privacy reasons (individuals without date of death listed in the database may also not be visible). Most of the data presented includes individuals who lived between the early 1700s and late 1900s.

Within this PAF (Personal Ancestral File) format database, searches can be done using the Surname Index or the Name Index. Many of the names listed are shown with a single spelling even though multiple spelling variations are used throughout history and within families (e.g. Gonzales and Gonzalez, Vastida and Bastida, Leyva and Leyba, Albitre and Alvitre). The “Selected Families/Individuals” link shows details about each family and contains links to those individuals who have additional family information listed in the database. Links are provided at the bottom of each page to return to the Table of Contents page of the Pio Pico Genealogy Database, move forwards or backwards within each section, or change to a different search view.

Please note that many data sources, including original records and official documents, often contain misinformation or inaccuracies (e.g. incorrect dates, spelling variations, transcription errors, etc). For this reason, genealogical information presented here may contain some discrepancies. However, we have made every attempt to present it as accurately as possible. Please feel free to email us at webmistress@piopico.org regarding any updates, comments, or corrections on our data.

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